Breast, Ovarian and Uterine Cancer Screening

There are some women who have a higher risk of developing ovarian or uterine cancer. The family history, genetic associations and other cancers can increase the risks. There is role of prophylactic interventions to reduce the risk of cancer such as prophylactic oophorectomy in high-risk groups.

Postmenopausal bleeding and irregular periods after the age of 45 poses a risk of uterine cancer. Early referral, pelvic ultrasound scan and uterine biopsy is a key to early detection of uterine cancer.

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General investigations to diagnosis Gynaecological cancer?

Cervical cancer is yet another common female cancer. A regular cervical smear is the best way to prevent it. If the cervical smear is abnormal, colposcopy and biopsy are the right steps forward. Click on Smear and Colposcopy tab to find out more.

  • Pelvic Ultrasound scan
  • Serum CA125
  • Cervical Smear
  • Colposcopy
  • Uterine Biopsy
  • Hysteroscopy