Fertility Wellbeing

If you are planning to have a child then you need to prepare yourself in the best possible way. The “fertility well being checks” carries out all the necessary tests for the health of your fertility (such as pelvic ultrasound scan to check the follicle count, relevant blood test such as AMH). Mr Raza carries out thorough checks and consultation. He explains all the findings and goes through an individualised plan for prospective pregnancy. There are simple blood test and scan which can be done to see how fertile you are. We also offer semen analysis for the male to check their fertility.

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Mr. Raza's Approach

Mr. Raza takes a patient-centered approach to fertility well-being checks. He conducts detailed examinations and ensures that both partners are actively involved in the process. He explains the findings in a clear and empathetic manner, addressing any concerns and questions you may have.

Understanding Fertility Well-Being Checks

Fertility well-being checks are a series of medical assessments designed to evaluate the reproductive health of both partners planning to conceive. These checks aim to identify any underlying conditions, hormonal imbalances, or other factors that might affect fertility.