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Postnatal Care

Post-natal care is as important as initial antenatal care. First few days of motherhood can be a new and sometimes difficult experience. We aim to provide all the help and support that may be needed at this stage. The Kensington wing (PVT) has facilities to enable partners to stay at this time, which most women find makes a real positive difference. There are midwives, health care assistants, physiotherapists and breastfeeding counsellors.

A nursery is also available which enables women to rest, recover and be supported in the early days of motherhood. Mr Raza will visit every day until women and their baby are well and confident enough to go home. In addition, a team of experienced midwives will also provide care. They will keep a check on blood pressure, pulse and temperature, provide advice and support, and generally help to look after the baby.

Following discharge home, Mr Raza will be available by telephone to discuss postnatal problem.