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UK Has Largest Gender Health Gap In G20

It takes an average of eight years to get an endometriosis diagnosis in the UK, according to a recent report in Mashable. This contributes to the UK having the largest gender health gap of the G20, which is made up of the world’s most prosperous nations. As a consequence, many health problems go undiagnosed or are treated too late to be effective.

Possible reasons given for the low health score of UK women are lower staffing levels in the NHS than in comparable foreign healthcare systems, and a reluctance among UK women to take up cervical screening and mammogram appointments.

However, as the Mashable article points out, there is a dearth of scientific research into conditions which affect women, such as endometriosis and polycystic ovary syndrome. Ten per cent of women worldwide have endometriosis according to the charity Endometriosis UK, yet the causes are still unknown.

Endometriosis is the second most common gynaecological condition in the UK, affecting 1.5 million women, which is similar to the number of women suffering from diabetes. It affects the fertility of 30-50% of sufferers, and costs the economy billions in treatment, lost work days, and healthcare costs.

Despite all this, it takes an average of eight years between the onset of symptoms and diagnosis. Many women find that symptoms such as severe pain, irregular periods, and fatigue are often dismissed by doctors, even when they are at the point where they cannot carry out normal daily activities.

Endometriosis can develop at any point in a natal female between puberty and menopause. It is a condition where cells similar to the ones in the lining of the womb are found elsewhere in the body. The cells still behave in the same way as those that are in the womb, by building up and then breaking down and bleeding each month.

As the blood has no way to leave the body, it can cause pain, inflammation, and form scar tissue. This results in debilitating symptoms such as chronic pain, depression, and infertility, as well as difficulty with work and relationships. However, with expert advice and help, many of the symptoms can be effectively managed.

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